We are about being an authentic Lifestyle Brand. A few years ago we were looking at a lot of the apparel brands and came to a conclusion. The conclusion was that if you removed the celebrity endorsement and the brand logo it would be pretty difficult to differentiate one apparel company from the other.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re down with anyone endorsing a product if it helps get the word out including our brand as well. What we’ve done here at NW LIFE is an attempt to make sure that 99% of our products present a message. Be it bad, mad, sad or glad in a fun relatable way.

So we went out and trademarked a bunch of stuff that we liked and added some fantastic artwork to throw down on apparel and other entertaining products. The catalyst behind the trademarks and the scenario artwork was to achieve to the best of our ability the elusive and lofty objective of being somewhat original and 100% authentic.

Enjoy the brand and thanks for coming out, NW LIFE crew.

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